Mitigating Risk

In general, I gravitate towards mitigating long-term risk for customers by implementing open standards. This naturally means I have a risk-based preference towards implementations around open source infrastructure (e.g., OpenStack, CEPH/Gluster, Debian/Red Hat, et al.) and middleware/developer solutions (e.g., Cloud Foundry, JBoss/OpenShift, et al.).

Computer Geek

If my title of 'Computer Geek' doesn't say it all, understand I've long been a team player who doesn't care what my title is.

Not for Tech's Sake

My roles over the last decade have been at an IT engineering and architecture level, typically focused on data center infrastructure and solutions design, including spending significant time at a level-3 escalation or "first integration" hands-on, leading-edge SME with the products and technologies being adopted, in the fields of Aerospace, Civil Engineering, Defense, Semiconductor, Financial Services, Government, Public Services and Medical. I.e., virtually all of my work has been POST-SALES (although with plenty of "trusted advisor" upsell, as the customer advocate), dealing with the adoption, integration and other issues (and resulting triumphs) of new technologies, both hands-on (plus documentation/knowledge transfer) as well as "in the board room" (with stakeholders and even C-level) long after Sales has left the building (including resetting customer expectations and extensive account management). 😉